How Microsoft has impacted your life and how you plan to bring a change to the society being a Microsoft Student Associate?

Today most people hardly think twice before interacting with the touch screen of an ATM, using the GPS in their car or watching content from a connected TV. But there was a time not long ago when we could hardly imagine how we would interact with these and other devices on a daily basis.

Fifteen years ago, Microsoft fundamentally changed how we use and experience technology in our personal and working lives by bringing the world of Windows to embedded devices. The introduction of Windows Embedded CE, a real-time embedded operating system, opened the door for developers to imagine, create and deliver devices that make our world better, more efficient and user-friendly. When the first Windows CE 1.0 handheld PC — the NEC MobilePro 200 — was introduced in 1996, it launched a whole new era of devices and connections. Windows Embedded Compact 7 marks 15 years of leadership and innovation in the embedded device marketplace.

“Microsoft has always focused on ushering in the next breakthrough in computing technology, from the first microcomputers to today’s embedded devices,” said Dan Javnozon, a group manager with Windows Embedded at Microsoft. “By extending beyond and providing the ability to connecting back to the PC, servers and services, Windows Embedded makes it easy for OEMs to envision and build new types of devices that are intuitive for users in the home, on the road or at work.”

Microsoft has developed many other products. The introduction of Windows OS, which was far more flexible than other OS’s of the time, revolutionized the world in field of computers. Its importance can be realized by the widespread use of Windows Desktop, Windows Server, etc. There was a time when Microsoft did not have a spreadsheet program and the market was dominated by Lotus 1-2-3. With the introduction of MS-Office which used a better technology to implement the spreadsheet, Lotus became outdated. Likewise Harvard Graphics and Freelance Graphics were replaced by MS-Powerpoint.

In the field of security, today we get Forefront Protection, Identity Manager, Unified Access Gateway, etc. For online and cloud computing we see Bing, Azure, Intunes, Hotmail, xBox Live, etc. Then Windows was introduced in cell phones. In Windows cell phone, you get more lots of application through windows store. Microsoft has also started developing its hardwares like mouse, keyboard, webcam, Xbox, Zune, etc.

Microsoft is very much a visionary company. To me, it is almost as if they can see the future and understand what I as a user will need in future, then develop it so that it is available when I need it. I am using Microsoft products since time immemorial. I was introduced with the products when I was a really small kid and all I used to do is paint using MS-Paint. Then I came to know about MS-Office which is used in offices all over. I used to study them in my Computer book in school. Now even my cell phone has it to open all kinds of word documents, presentations, spreadsheets, etc.

As time progressed, I came to know about more of its products. From Windows XP I switched to Windows 7 and then to Windows 8.1. These transitions have always brought something fresh in terms of improving productivity and user experience. Windows 8.1 provides me with the SkyDrive where you can save all my important documents. It provides me lots of applications on mails, travel, food, health, weather, news, finance so that I am just clicks away to get the desired information.

Many softwares that I use today have been developed by Microsoft like Microsoft Visual Studio Documentation, Microsoft SQL Server Samples, Microsoft Toolkit, Microsoft Office Pro, etc. Using these softwares, I have created Windows Applications. I even created the website using Visual Studio 2013 as front end and SQL as back end. I created my database using SQL to store all the desired information in the form of tables. This software is so flexible and tangible to be used. The more I use it, the more I am getting amicable with it.

How can I forget to mention about DreamSpark. It is a Microsoft program to provide students with software designs and development tools at no charge. This program was originally available for university & college students in few selected countries, but now it has expanded to more than 80 countries. This program was announced by Bill Gates during a speech at Stanford University. Now, it is estimated that up to 35 million students will be able to access these software titles free of charge through this program. I got my DreamSpark account verified through my college and now I can access the development tools just for free.

Being a Microsoft Student Associate I will have the advantage of getting to know more about the new Microsoft technologies. I would like spread the knowledge thus earned by arranging courses, giving presentations so that the common people can use it in their daily lives to make their work easier. They can use it to maintain their monthly budgets, make a record, as its very user friendly. We can make them acquainted with the benefits that they can avail by using Microsoft products. Now that MS Office is available in Nokia Lumia phones, it is available to a much wider user base. Further it puts me in a position to arrange lectures and seminars for students in schools who are more likely to encounter these softwares as they grow up. Stimulating young minds is always a good idea as they are quite inquisitive and are more likely to be creative with the usage and development of applications. Thus being an MSA helps me in being a catalyst for driving initiatives and creating a social impact.


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